Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The start of day 12

Ok. So, I weighed in on Sunday and Ive lost 2 lbs. Big friggen deal. Ive been following everything as closely as possible. I drink water all day with either 1 coffee or 1 diet coke added in the mix. The meal plans have been followed, we've been making our own recipes up for dinner, but the breakfasts and lunches are what have been ok'd. The snacks are only what are on the list. Ive actually been enjoying everything so far. Ive been keeping up with my workouts also, every day except for Sunday (too tired after my overnite) at least 15 minutes, some days 30 minutes. But I dont feel like Ive been losing anything at all. It doesnt help that I got my period monday...Ive been fighting even more cravings this week than last week and feel larger than I did all last week. Its annoying to feel like Ive gained 10 lbs instead of losing the 10 lbs. At this point, Im frustrated. I am thinking that if I havent lost at least 5 lbs when I weigh in on Sunday, Im going to stay on the phase 1 for another week. The book says that 3 weeks is the most you should do for phase 1, so thats what Im going to do. I miss the breads, rices and pastas, but I also miss feeling good about my weight. So, thats my update.

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