Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tomorrow is Day 1

So, tomorrow marks the start of my trip into losing weight. Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet shall be interesting. No carbs, no sugars, no detox. This means, I will be eating veggies, lean cut meat, lowfat/no fat cheeses, almonds (and other nuts) fruits, no fruit juices, hell there is a whole list of foods I have to avoid...including potatoes, rice, breads, cereals and oatmeal. Some people get headaches, some people get really cranky, some people get nauseous, others just feel better. Whats it gonna be like for me? Im excited about it, excited about the prospect of losing the extra weight that Ive put on in the last 6 years. But Im scared about not being able to stick to it. I think Im isnt too stressful, things are good with work and the family...seems like a good time to try. I started exercising a week ago...thats going really well. I havent missed a day yet and for the most part I have been able to keep up with the fitness coach (its a Wii game, I highly recomend it). So, we'll see. Jon has been really great with the whole weight loss thing. He isnt going on the diet with me, but I think if it works for me, he may change his mind. He asks me if I did my exercises, tells me to get up and do it if I havent.

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